Swimming Pool

Welcome to the indoor & outdoor swimming pool design and construction specialists.
...ARC Group has offered bespoke pool building services and maintenance since 2006, including for outdoor swimming pools and spas. We construct and provide servicing of swimming pools and spas for both private and commercial clients. We also have the capability for exclusive projects throughout Egypt and provide pool design consultancy.

When it comes to swimming pools and backyard dreams, we are a company specializing in supplying, installing and reforming swimming pools, custom in-ground swimming pool, artificial lakes, pool fountains, and rock waterfalls. The most-requested pool-design options include rock waterfalls, pool fountains & water features, beach entries, pool mosaics, pool lighting, tanning shelves / sun shelves, pebble finishes, and colored quartz interior finishes with extraordinary value.

We have expertise in local building conditions and the latest swimming pool-construction techniques, and all will provide to you with a complete, written contract that specifies the project phases and outlines your payment schedules. You will also receive warranties in writing.

At the forefront of technical developments, we offer bespoke swimming pool design and spa-design services to meet the most challenging specifications and can include moats and water features. We are long established swimming pool builders offering warranties for our various works according to the definitions of the Swimming Pool.
Working at the cutting edge of new materials, we can give your pool and spa a makeover to the latest styles and trends.
We do it as water treatment experts and provide a first class swimming pool maintenance service, including Spring opening, Winter shutdown and one-off swimming pool cleaning as well as spa and hot tub maintenance.
We supply swimming pool covers, chemicals, counter current swimming units, automatic swimming pool cleaners and a wide range of other items you will need for your pool and spa.
We understand that our work must have less impact on the environment and therefore it is now our intention to design more efficient control systems which use less energy for all swimming pool installations. We will be offering swimming pool pipe work insulation to outdoor swimming pools and swimming pool shell insulation wherever possible. Furthermore we will explore the use of sustainable resources including geo-thermal heat pumps.



Every Design is a piece of art

We offer bespoke swimming pool design and swimming pool construction as well as renovation. We are able to build any size or shape of indoor and outdoor swimming pool anywhere because of our versatility with construction techniques. Site constrains, size of the garden as well as the style of the building should be respected, but none of these should prevent your dream from coming true. New shapes and materials help to protect rich designs that break the mold of traditional geometrical pools. Simplicity for pools in farms might be needed but this should not affect their elegance.


ARC Group has been building stunning pools and spas.

We are the complete swimming pool contractor and can take care of every single aspect of your pool and spa construction project or work as a sub-contractor if required. We liaise closely with our clients and architects from the very beginning, discussing the whole concept to agree every detail and to give precise costing for every component. In our experience, this is a thoroughly rewarding approach which means we deliver exactly what is required at the agreed cost. In our Portfolio you will find examples of the wide range of our work.


Swimming Pool Maintenance

We are also leading swimming pool servicing and maintenance looking after many clients, provide swimming pool maintenance and servicing of the highest standard, including swimming pool cleaning. This includes straight forward swimming pool chemicals supply, regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly service and the annual opening and closing down of outdoor pools.

Types of pools



Suitable for small spaces, because this type does not require a balance tank, it consists only of the body of the bathroom itself and the room pumps without the need for a balance room and the course of the rest of the types of swimming pools. The water level inside the bathroom is about 15 cm below the surface of the bathroom.


One of the most beautiful swimming pools due to the level of water up to the highest point touching the surface of the bathroom. There is a waterway around it to keep the bathroom clean and not to exceed the water limits of the bathroom. This type needs a balancing tank next to its pump chambers


Suitable for large spaces. Depends on the idea of visual deception between a high and low level. Needs a balancing tank and a stream.

Materials of pools



Until recently, concrete was the predominant in-ground pool material. You dig a hole and pour in the cement. While still used, concrete isn’t the only in-ground pool option. Concrete is great for custom shapes.


A fiberglass pool is delivered to your property in one piece ready to install. It’s like a large bathtub. The big benefits is it’s fast to install, less maintenance and lasts a long time. The downside is that you are limited to shape.


A vinyl-liner pool is one that is a series of panel walls that are assembled on site. It sits on a concrete foundation. Great for custom shapes and is the least expensive in-ground pool option. Also, it won’t crack (durable) and doesn’t require repainting.

Shipping Container Pool

A container pool is a pool made out of large containers. You can drop them in a hole or place them on the ground. They are less expensive than concrete or fiberglass and they are very efficient heat-wise.